Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Focus on the Joy

Do you ever catch yourself being so caught up in "things" that you have totally missed out on any of the joys in life. I recently came to a realization in my life because of a course God has taken me on. First let me explain that I am a very focused person. I set out on goals I've set for myself and try hard to achieve them. Through over 12 years of being married to my wife I've come to know her as being not as detailed as I am and she is most always joyful. And through these years she has had to remind me several times to "Lighten Up". Yeah I got the point but I still had my focus on whatever the task may have been. It could be a project, a problem, a situation in public or church. I am a problem solver and I've been known to walk through screen doors to fix a problem. Ever done that?
God has taken me through certain things that I could not ignore. Life and death situations. Ex: My daughter lying in a hospital bed while her, my wife and two doctors look at me waiting in silence for an answer from me on whether they could operate or not. Ex: My grandmother having dementia and living alone. Conditions beyond filthy from years of neglect. I was forced to step in and make decisions that were uncomfortable yet necessary for her life to improve. Ex: My Dad on his death bed and being forced to make a life and death decision there for him.
Things that we get caught up in on a daily basis can be distracting but don't lose focus on the joys of your life. Think of the positive things God has put in your life. My point is, you will be forced to face tough situations in your life. So when your in your daily life routines don't lose sight of the blessings that make up your life. Life is too short, life can be too serious. Enjoy the people in your life. Spend time with your friends. Stop what you're doing and do something fun with your wife or your children or someone close in your life. LIVE!!! In between the trials, LIVE!!!
Most importantly in all situations depend on the Lord Jesus to give you the strength and wisdom to get through it. There's been plenty more tough situations I've been forced into but every time now I've learned to silently pray and ask God for wisdom to make the right decision and He is always faithful. Things can still shake your world but it's comforting to know without a doubt that God is in control and He's there with you. So don't miss out on the Joy of this life no matter where you're at. I pray God will help you through the tough times and help you enjoy this life.
Be Blessed,

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