Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ahhh Hurricane Season

Most of the time I like to write about deep meaningful stuff as you can tell but today is special. Here we are in good ole Florida sitting through 48 hours of wind and rain. We've yet to figure out what this storm is doing. It seems to like Florida and has decided to stay awhile. It has traveled many miles and visited many countries and peoples but she's decided to take up residence with us.

The picture is us during a lull in the storm. I took my family out for a moment to see all the water. We received 4.5" of rain the first half of the day. I had to dump out the rain gauge and start over because it only went to 5". As you can tell there's been a lot coming down.

Amazingly, it was just a 10 minute outing but it was the highlight of my kids day. What a thrill it was to go out and weather the storm and wade the deep waters of a hurricane. Whatever it takes to make a memory.

Welcome to Florida Miss Fay, now move along.

Pray for our Troops

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