Friday, July 18, 2008


Proverbs 20:7 The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.

This verse was recently the topic of a bible study I instruct. This verse should be taken very serious by any man who is a husband and /or a father. The first half is all about our character. This verse is describing a man who is and has lived his life before God and man with integrity. What's integrity? Merriam-Webster Dictionary says this: a firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values. So what is it to us practically?

I'm a practical, hands on kind of guy so I'm gonna put it in my own kinda words.

It's when you're on your way out the door and your little child wants to go with you and you tell him/her "No not right now, I'll be right back." You know by taking the child with you it will take twice as long so you quickly say without thinking, "I'll be right back." The child takes it literally and pulls up a stool to the door and stares out the door waiting. Do you come right back?

It's when a neighbor calls and asks you to take a walk around their house once a weeks while they are out of town. Your family hears the conversation but soon forgets.A week goes by and you tell them "I'm going over to our neighbors to take a look around their house while they are out of town, does anyone want to walk with me?" and they think "Oh Yeah, I forgot about that."

It's when you tell your wife in agreeing with her you need a date and then three days later you have taken the initiative to set it up and surprise her. She thinks "He remembered."

It's when you talk with a friend at church and ending the conversation you tell them "I'll be praying for you." Two weeks later you bump into them again and after having prayed for them every day since, you tell them, " I've been praying every day for you, how is your situation now?"

The second half of the verse is the direct result of being a man of integrity. Your children are blessed. We've got a lot on our shoulders guys. But what an awesome opportunity it is to represent your family before the almighty God and Father. Your faithfulness to Him directly affects your family. If this makes you feel comforted, that's a good sign. If you feel a little uncomfortable then I suggest you examine your walk before our Lord. Being a father is all about living for someone else. You only have them for a little while and then they go out on their own. Live for them while you have them. Love your wife in front of them. You will establish in them an unshakable foundation.

Remember, your amount of integrity will be duplicated in your children.

Be Blessed Fathers

Pray for our Troops

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