Thursday, February 5, 2009

Green House (part2)

The green house is now operational. We decided to start with a "trial crop" through the winter. In the mean time we are trying to learn about growing the right things for our climate and how to ward off bugs and disease naturally. Proud new owner and manager.

Some of the first fruits.

We had an invasion of white flies. We learned that a natural spray is made up of just water and dish soap. We used ivory dish soap with some water in a spray bottle. It seemed to work but I was a little over zealous and sprayed lots and lots everyday for a week. I think I should have sprayed only once or twice. The plants seemed to be in shock and haven't grown too much since but it did get rid of the white flies. Next time I'll only spray once and wait for results.

We are preparing for spring planting. We now have more pots and lots of bags of organic soil. We're just waiting for warmer weather.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Green House (part1)

We've decided to build a green house and grow our own veggies. Several reasons, one being my son loves to grow things. He loves growing things he can eat. OK, he loves to eat. And I love to build so what a great opportunity.

Pray for our Troops

Life House