Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green House (part 5)

I thought our new greenhouse would be plenty for what we wanted to do.

I was joking with my son one day telling him we will have to hedge a tunnel into our green house because the plants are going to be so big and full.

Remember these little guys below?

These are the same plants,,, we love how quickly things change. In one day a plant can seem to grow two or more inches.

EEMMM,,, Sweet Banana peppers, can't wait to make fresh salsa.

As for the cucumber powdery mildew. I got rid of it. Here's my secret,,, I ripped the entire plant out and threw it in the trash!
Now I have a brand new batch of cukes started from a different source of seed.


The Real Me! said...

I like that cure. Can I do the same for my tile floors! LOL.
I love you my excellent husband.

Roberta said...

I like that cure too. Seems like all is growing great. Good to see how good everything looks. Love you and miss you all so much. Tell the kid's to be looking for a letter. Nana

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